Strykers Construction

Quality at it's best!

About the founder

Strykers Construction was founded by an energy driven, business oriented acuman, A. D. McNamara. As a child A.D. always had a dream of turning his ideas into reality, and now his dream is to bring your ideas to life. A.D. takes pride in a job well done, customer satisfaction is a tradition he relies on to make his company grow.

message from the owner

Our foundation is solid - it is built on a reputation of integrity, quality workmanship, respect for long-term client relationships, and a history of professional management and innovation. Safety in the workplace is one of our key criteria for success. Strykers Construction Company regards the safety of employees, contractors and suppliers to be of primary importance.

Our commitment to maintain the highest standards of excellence is shared by all our employees. We make it a priority to retain and promote the best people in our organization. We constantly train our staff in the latest technologies and continually upgrade project controls. Initiative is recognized. Results are rewarded. 

As we respond to the ever-changing demands of the construction industry, Strykers Construction Company looks forward to continued growth and success for many years to come.


A.D. McNamara 


Strykers Construction relies on the tradition of building trust, creating value and delivering exceptional client services. Strykers Construction carries on the tradition that founder A.D. McNamara started years ago, we purchase all of our materials and supplies from Canadian manufacturers, so your money stays right here in our economy. 



 Safety is a moral obligation. Our goal is to attain a zero incident frequency.

 Team Work

 We believe that the best results are achieved when everyone works together; Strykers' staff, our clients, our consultants and our subcontractors and suppliers.

Honesty and Integrity 

We do what we say. We are always truthful, honest and conduct ourselves with integrity.

Personal Growth 

We support employees in their goal to expand their skills and experience. We believe that employees are entitled to meaningful, satisfying work as they help to advance the goals of the Company.


We treat others as we would wish to be treated.

Professionalism and Excellence 

We conduct ourselves in a manner of which we are proud; as individuals, and as representatives of our Company.

The Developers

The development team at Strykers Construction was hand picked by none other than A.D. himself, A.D. ensures he hires reliable, experienced,  creative, dependable staff members, he says and I quote "The ones behind the scenes are just as important as the ones in the field".  A.D. makes his staff feel more like family, and we are proud to be apart of A.D.'s family. Our creativity shines through when A.D. stops by for a quick run down of his recent project, we know we have done a good job when he leaves with a smile on his face. We are always anticipating the next project and we want to thank  A.D. for the past few years, we are looking forward to the years ahead.